• To capitalise on property, you must think Globally....... That is why HPG specialises in both FLORIDA & AUSTRALIAN investment property markets
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  • 15 Reasons out of 100 to think globally as an Australian &

  • 1. Florida had a record 94.7 Million visitors in 2013 compared to Australia with only 6.2 million visitors
  • 2. Florida’s population has had double digit increases almost every census since 1830
  • 3. Florida surpassed New York in 2014 as the 3rd most populous state in the nation
  • 4. The Median Home Price in Florida is $179,300, compared to NSW’s $1,000,616 - Florida is affordable
  • 5. Miami is ranked the number 2 city in the US for “Making the Most Money on Rental Properties”
  • 6. Quality properties in quality areas can be purchased for as little as $100k to $300k. Even waterfront! 
  • 7. Florida property values are rising, yet they are still 25% to 60% below pre-GFC values - The Capital Growth Phase
  • 8. Bloomberg Business, in 2015 states "Florida is to dominate the US Metro Economic Hubs in 2016"
  • 9. Florida is the top travel destination in the world! Yes the entire world!
  • 10. Florida the state has almost 21 million residents... Compare this to all of Australia with just 23 million 
  • 11. Miami is America's RICHEST CITY and the world’s 5th richest city according to Frank Knight's 2015 Global Wealth Report
  • 12. Florida tax rates are 80% less than NSW - in fact, Florida's income tax rate is ZERO! 
  • 13. Florida has stable rising property values, rising wages and reducing unemployment rates - contrary to Australia's economy
  • 14. Florida has an annual State Government Budget of $70 BILLION! NSW has a state budget of $8.8 BILLION
  • 15. Florida's population increases by almost 300,000 per annum. NSW increases by just over 100,000 per annum

Quality Florida Property can be purchased for as little as $80,000 with a 12% + Rental Yeild
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Florida Miami
Port Miami

Port Miami is one of the LARGEST in the world with an annual impact of over $18BILLION +

Consistent population growth and 100's of international companies operating in IT, banking, Healthcare, Biomedical, Agricultural, Construction and many of these making it on the FORBES list..... 
Beaches, harbours, international shipping ports & airports, perfect weather, Disney World, some of the finest Educational Facilities in the US, industry hubs, world class amenities and a variety of lifestyles...

Did I mention sunshine, beaches and Florida being the number 1 tourist destination in the world!!!!

Lincoln road mall
Lincoln Road Mall Miami South Beach
Very high rental returns anywhere near this Miami Hub.. up to $1k a week! Lincoln Rd 'vacinity' condos are around $200k to $300k for an original 1 bedder
Tampa condo
2 bedroom, 2 bath in a good Tampa location
Asking price .......$59,000
Rental income.....$800 pm 16% Yeild
Fort Lauderdale
Florida Fort Laurderdale
A great example of a prime ‘top end’ Fort Lauderdale property. However plenty of affordable properties with capital growth potential
Miami south beach
The first condo I purchased in South Beach Miami for $215k
An ideal future development opportunity. Just two blocks back from existing beachfront high rise developments. A new council re-zoning will inevitably take place in the next few years then the property will be valued at more then 10 times the purchase price
Miami south beach
A higher priced property investment. One you might like to live in, once you have made your millions!
As a starter though we always go for the ‘worst house in the best street’ to make money in property
Tampa Florida condo
For Sale $89,0000
Low maintenance, 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 car and close to town $89k

Will rent all year long
south beach Quadraplex
Actual Quadraplex 3 mins walk to Miami South Beach $235k each!
average $1,000 USD a week rental
Tampa home
Picture Perfect Family Suburb in Tampa only $159,000
Growth area with the cost of renting more than 50% of the cost of owning
miami freeway
Its not the prettiest picture showing a 24 Freeway lanes however.....
Capital growth in property comes from SUPPLY & DEMAND, There is almost the same amount of people in Florida as there is in all of Australia! Yet it is a tiny 0.002% of the size!

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